Thursday, 24 January 2008

Sea and Sea Unveils Impressive New DSLR Housings

SEA&SEA Announces Next Generation MDX Series DSLR Housings

LONG BEACH, CA. (January 22, 2008.) SEA&SEA announces the release of their newest and most technically advanced digital SLR housings to date.

Aptly named MDX for Machined Digital, these housings are precisely crafted from solid block aluminum and designed for ultimate performance and ergonomics. Purpose built for the latest Nikon D300, D3 and Canon’s EOS 40D and 1D/1Ds Mark III cameras, these housings are fast-becoming a necessity in every underwater photographer’s stable.

MDX Housing Features Include:

● Every detail of the housing is precision CNC machined. Ergonomically designed for ease of use. Manufactured from solid block aluminum alloy with all edges carefully polished.

● The housing is protected by a highly corrosion resistant anodized (black) coating. The coating provides the housing from environmental corrosion and abrasions.

● TTL strobe photography is possible when used with product 50112 TTL Converter lll for Nikon or 50114 TTL Converter III for Canon or product 50115 TTL Converter 250 for Nikon or 50116 TTL Converter 250 for Canon (optional).

● Large A/R (anti-reflective) coated LCD rear display window for full viewing of camera display.

● Equipped with a 0.66x pick-up viewfinder standard. An interchangeable .8x viewfinder (optional) is also available.

● Both the main command dial and sub command dial are operable while holding the hand grips due to advanced ergonomic design.

● Most camera functions are accessible and can be operated underwater with ease.

● Comes complete with camera quick shoe which makes camera installation and removal easy.

SEA&SEA Port lock system prevents an attached port from loosening while in use.

● Two Nikonos type (5-pin for Nikon, 6-pin for Canon) connectors come standard with the housing. (2-pin wired for dedicated TTL and 5 or 6-pin wired for manual)

● Dual locking latches to prevent accidental release of housing back.

● Built-in Leak sensor alerts user if moisture or water-intrusion is detected.

● Construction: Body: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (machined)/anodized body, grip: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (die-cast)

● Depth rating: 200ft/60m

● MDX-D300 for Nikon D300: Part #SS-06134, MSRP: $2,995.00

● MDX-40D for Canon EOS 40D: part #SS-06133, MSRP: $2,995.00

● MDX-PRO MARK III for Canon EOS 1D/1Ds MK III, MSRP: $4,650.00

● MDX-D3 for Nikon D3, MSRP: $4,650.00

For more information on the MDX housing products and new releases from SEA&SEA, please visit the News/Events page or contact your local authorized SEA&SEA retailer.

ABOUT SEA&SEA: Founded in 1972, Sea&Sea is the leader in underwater imaging technology. The company offers a complete line of digital imaging products ranging from compact point and shoot cameras to professional housings, strobes, and accessories. Sea&Sea products are distributed in the United States by Tabata USA,

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Long Island University Field Trip 2008

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been give the opportunity to experience this trip. Starting from someone who was afraid to get in the water and hike through a jungle, I'm now IN LOVE with diving and the water and can walk to the village in the dark! I fell in love with the water, people and culture. I promise my face will be seen here again. Thanks for everything.”
Long Island University

Thanks for an awesome 3 weeks. The diving was incredible, the food was good and the people were AWESOME!”
Sara P
Long Island University

I had high expectaions before going to Fiji and this place was beyond spectacular. Thank you for an absolutely amazing time.”
Rob V
Long Island University

Thanks for such a wonderful trip. I cannot properly express how wonderful you all have been. I have had the best diving experience of my life and the food, fishing and great friends have made this an unforgettable time.

Cheers and see you again”

Matt Dravol
Long Island University

It has been amazing, no words can say it all. Thank you for a wonderful time in the water & on land. TEAM SPEED! :)

Hope to see you all again some day”

Long Island University

Sunday, 20 January 2008

The diving was amazing

There are no words to explain how wonderful the last 3 weeks have been. The diving was amazing, the resort beautiful & the staff couldn't have been more fun. I will never forget Matava & I hope you all enjoyed us; even the trouble makers!”


Long Island University

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Traveler Reviews - TripAdvisor

Kadavu Island: Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway - Traveler Reviews - Diver's paradise - TripAdvisor:

My husband and I recently got married at Matava, with a perfect wedding and honeymoon. We were looking for something relaxed & off the beaten track, with a real Fijian feel to it, a chance of fun times with interesting people and to try diving...and we found it all.

First up, the diving was amazing. Neither of us had been before, so we took the open water course option (which includes 4 dives) and ended up doing another 4 before we had to leave. Incredible reef, coral, fish of all kinds - and very professional staff. Matava take their diving seriously.

Food is also up there - fantastic 5-star meals every day, and a weekly
cycling menu with a wide range. The staff are also extremely accommodating, and can happily cope with any allergies or preferences."

Read full review at: Diver's paradise - TripAdvisor

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

MARES Diving introduces new Puck Computer Line

New Puck line featured in three formats and will be available in early 2008.
At the recent DEMA Industry Trade Show, Mares introduced the new 2008 Puck computer line. An entry level, versatile full featured collection of dive computers including Puck wrist, Mission Puck 2 and Mission Puck 3 consoles. 

The new Puck wrist dive computer features a high-resolution high contrast display, and larger digits, for easy reading, and backlight illumination on demand. Single button operation; make it easy to quickly scroll through the menu options. Functions include a full decompression program, a programming mode and memory (capacity 38h), watch, calendar, and a setting for fresh/salt water. Powered by a standard lithium battery user replaceable when needed. In addition, the Puck can be worn as a wrist unit or easily inserted into one of the Puck consoles for maximum benefits.

Like all Mares computers, the PUCK is equipped with the most advanced RGBM Mares-Wienke algorithm, considerably lowering the risks associated with the formation of micro-bubbles by introducing deep stops, and active, timer-controlled display lighting by only pressing a button. 

Mission Puck 2 and 3 consoles have a shock resistant elastomeric technopolymer casing and ergonomic shape designed with optimized viewing angles for easy reading of the computer, gauge and compass all at the same time. Mission Puck 2 computer console includes a compact easy to read pressure gauge with chrome-plated brass body. Mission Puck 3 computer console completes the collection with the addition of a compact dedicated compass. Other significant innovations include one central and two side flexible eyelet loops for easy attachment.

The Puck wrist, has a suggested retail of $300, and will be arriving at MARES dealers in early 2008. 
For additional information on this product and the complete line of Mares products for 2007 contact your MARES District Sales Manager, Customer Service or go to for your nearest Authorized MARES Dealer.

HEAD USA is part of the HEAD NV Group, which is based in the Netherlands and listed on the New York and Vienna Stock exchanges. 

The HEAD NV Group is a worldwide sporting goods company that manufactures and markets products under the HEAD brand (racquet and winter sports), Penn (world’s #1 tennis ball and racquet ball brand), and Tyrolia (wintersports bindings), in addition to the three diving brands (Mares, Dacor and Sporasub). HEAD NV’s Chairman is Johan Eliasch. The telephone number for the Diving Division is 203 855 0631; fax 203 866 9573; website For HEAD USA information, log onto

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Manta Ray remote controlled 'fish'...

Published: 27 November 2007 08:30 AM

Source: The Engineer

A remote-controlled 'fish', whose form and kinematics are modelled on the movement of the manta ray, has been developed by a German pneumatic drive specialist.

The 'Aqua ray' (pictured below) provides a manoeuvrable, remote sensing platform with potential applications in the inspection of undersea pipelines and cables.

An innovative water-hydraulic drive unit, coupled with fluidic muscles, produces smoothly flowing muscular movements. Those are then transformed into the dynamic flapping wings that propel it through the water.

The ray was developed by Festo with help from Berlin-based bionics research company Evologics.

It uses Festo fluidic muscles as actuators. These consist of hollow elastomer tubes with integrated woven aramide fibres.

When the muscle is filled with fluid (air or water), its diameter increases and it contracts longitudinally, giving rise to flowing, elastic movement.

The fluidic muscles constitute the Aqua ray's central propulsion and control unit. The water-driven central vane cell pump generates the propulsion energy like a heart by pumping pressure through valves to three opposing pairs of fluidic muscles. The muscles' contraction force transfers to the wings and tail by artificial tendons.

The Aqua ray is highly manoeuvrable and can be operated either as a hydrostatic glider or with actively flapping wings.

Festo claims the ray's form and mode of propulsion makes it suitable for other applications, such as marine research.

Its smooth contours and lack of rotating parts such as propellers make it particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Full article: Gone fishing - News - The Engineer

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

"Safeguarding our natural environment is central to safeguarding our valued way of life"

Many fishing communities around Fiji have shifted from subsistence living to a cash economy. Local commercial fishers frequently use diving equipment and spear guns, and until recently even poison, to catch fish and earn cash. However, some communities have decided to stop the decline of their marine environment. With WWF's help, villagers have come together to create a community-based management system that makes the most of their customary ownership rights. Through the Fiji Islands Locally Managed Marine Areas Network (FLMMA), communities can learn how to manage their own marine resources. FLMMA, of which WWF Fiji is a key member, is a partnership based on a social contract to work together : communities, NGOs and government agencies are members of the network and it continues to increase its community membership.

By working with the community to identify the best strategies for local resource owners to better manage their reef and increase their capacity to manage income-generating activities, some communities have turned to the traditional practice of reserving a fishing ground to increase fish population for a traditional ceremony. Several villages have now declared lagoons off limits to fishing, diving and other damaging activities. Elders in the community, who have watched the changes in fishing methods, have noticed an increase in fish stocks.

Also working with the government is a key factor to successful protection and through the Ministry of Fisheries, WWF and FLMMA works to ensure management plans are in place for communities to manage their fishing grounds.

In 2003, The National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP) identified priority marine areas for protection, as well as recommends the establishment of a representative netowrk of MPAs in ecological and biological sites. WWF Fiji was part of the coalition of national stakeholders that produced the NBSAP. It is through these recommendations that, in January of 2005, at the World Summit on Small Islands Developing Nations in Mauritus, the Fiji government declared a committment to protect 30% of its waters by 2020. Once established, this would be the largest marine network in the world.