Friday, 28 September 2007

Reef Photo & Video Now Offers Impressive D200 Seatool Housing

Reef Photo & Video Now Offers Impressive D200 Seatool Housing

Reef Photo & Video is excited to offer the world's SMALLEST & LIGHTEST housing for the Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera

In keeping with their tradition of ultra compact underwater photographic housings, Seatool is proud to offer yet another revolutionary housing that brings a new level of underwater SLR performance to divers worldwide with the D200 Ultra Compact SLR housing.

Ultra compact, lightweight body
The Seatool D200 underwater housing for the Nikon D200 is machined from pure, solid blocks of aluminum to produce a light weight yet rugged package that will offer many years of service, yet keep weight to a minimum. Small and light enough to hand carry on aircraft, it's the perfect tool for the traveling diver faced with strict airline weight restrictions.

Because the housing body conforms so closely to the camera, the housing attains nearly neutral buoyancy (slightly negative) for effortless underwater handling handling. It also means that all camera controls are placed within easy reach, even for divers with small hands.

Premium Port Optics
The Seatool D200 features a selection of multicoated glass port optics to insure that you get the very best images possible from your camera.

Industry's Finest Latching System: Cam-Lock
One of the housing's most innovative features are its cam-lock latches. These latches employ a locking cam lever to securely lock the housing back with little effort. Locking latches, prevent accidental opening.

Versatile Strobe Compatibility
Both optical and Nikonos style sync ports allow virtually any strobe on the market to be attached. Automatic & Accurate Optical TTL is possible with the sophisticated Inon D-2000 and Z-240 series strobes. Any strobe that can be attached via Nikonos style sync connectors can also be used.

Easy Camera Installation
A quick release camera tray offers effortless installation and removal of the camera with simple control alignment.

The end result of this meticulous attention to detail is the smallest, lightest underwater housing available for the Nikon D200.

Seatool - The Housing for the Next Generation
The Seatool D200 represents the state of the art in high performance underwater housings, and does so in the smallest D200 housing ever offered. Contact one of our friendly Seatool dealers today to reserve yours!

To find out more, click here:

About Reef Photo & Video
Fort Lauderdale, FL, based Reef Photo & Video is the USA importer for Seatool Underwater Photo & Video Equipment. Reef Photo & Video has a full service retail store offering the finest underwater imaging brands under one roof, the industry's most comprehensive e-commerce site, and unequaled commitment to customer service. Staffed by divers, Reef Photo & Video prides itself on having the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry.
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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

A few people commented on the morose tone of my last entry, so I’m following it up with a cheery blog.

Just to add another twist to the story, I got the call a week ago saying my assignment was given the all-clear to return, so I’ve decided to spend another three months in Fiji to finish it off. But more on that later - first, a rundown on one of the most amazing days I’ve ever had. Ed and I hopped on an aeroplane down to Kadavu, an island half an hour’s flight to the south of Suva, to join Kellie, Cassie and Simo who were visiting from Australia for a few days relaxing Fiji-style. We reached Kadavu and after some miscommunication we found ourselves in the wrong boat heading the wrong way around the island, so a 40 minute trip became two and a half hours in a tinny. Instead of appreciating the gorgeous coastline we spent the whole trip kicking ourselves for the mix-up, and arrived slightly grumpy and crumpled.

With the sight of our friends though and the beautiful place we were in, we shook off the frustration, settled down to a cup of tea and began to soak up the surroundings. Matava is a small collection of bures nestled on the side of a hill, squeezed between coconut palms and looking out over turquoise waters. There’s no electricity so at dusk everyone is handed a kerosene lamp to carry around, and the food is some of the best I’ve had in Fiji.

Now to the amazing day. Kadavu is known for its diving, particularly the Astrolabe reef near Matava. We had plans of doing some diving while there, but woke up on our third day a bit tired and decided against it. Then at breakfast we discovered the site for the day was the Manta Reef, and immediately changed our minds. This is the spot where manta rays are often seen, and we tried desperately not to get our hopes up on the 45 min boat ride to the site - Joe, our dive master, said they see mantas on about 70% of dives there. We kitted up and splashed into the water, and less than five minutes in, what looked like a UFO glided past. We all watched in awe, the ray was about 3 m across and circled back a fewtimes inquisitively to

By jayscoh
February 16th 2007

Read the ful blog here... Best Day Ever

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

"If you want secluded, look up Matava on Kadavu. That is by far the most wonderful place i have ever been and i have traveled.

This is real Fiji, and that staff there, well, i wanted to take them all home.

They have an organic garden and the food, i put on lots of pounds, couldn't wait for the next meal. Lots to do, and the Astrolabe reef is right there.

There is an island 5 min, by kayak(free) to kayak around and snorkle right off the magical beach."

Yasawa Islands forums: trying to decide - TripAdvisor

Friday, 14 September 2007

PADI eLearning Logs 1000th Participant

PADI eLearning Logs 1000th Participant

Online program quickly becoming one of PADI’s most successful new diver acquisition efforts

The popular PADI eLearning program reached a major milestone as the 1000th participant enrolled just a few weeks after the program’s launch. At this pace, PADI eLearning will become one of PADI’s most successful new diver acquisition initiatives -- great news for PADI Dive Centers and Resorts seeking innovative ways to attract new divers and increase business.

“During DEMA Show 2006, the PADI message was loud and clear: Embrace the internet and succeed. It was a risky, and honestly, a highly controversial topic that inspired industry-wide debate and discussion,” shared PADI President and Chief Operating Operator, Drew Richardson. “But now, less than one year later, I’m seeing retail and resort operators take this message to heart. PADI Members are adapting and changing the way they do business and using the internet as a key strategy for growth. And it’s working. At the end of July 2007, PADI Open Water Diver certifications in the PADI Americas territory are up more than 17 percent over July 2006 - an overall increase of 2.35 percent year to date. This increase in PADI Member Retail and Resort business isn’t a coincidence. There is a direct correlation between increased new diver certifications and business growth for PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. The July 2007 numbers indicate that PADI eLearning is playing a key role in this growth.

One retailer seeing an increase in business from PADI eLearning is Colonel Echols from Landshark Scuba in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. This progressive retailer has promoted PADI eLearning from the start and he’s thrilled with the results. “PADI eLearning has been great for us. Because of PADI eLearning, we have 20 percent more open water students walking through our doors and buying equipment - and we’re getting $55 US more for this premium privilege.”

“Just today,” Echols continued, “I was ecstatic to learn we had six new customers call in and tell us they want to sign up for eLearning because it fits into their schedule better – and it’s only Tuesday!” According to Echols, PADI eLearning student divers come to his store better prepared, too. “My observation is that eLearners pay attention and follow directions better.”

“Colonel Echol’s enthusiasm is contagious and I applaud it,” closed Richardson. “I’m tired of reading propaganda about industry doom and gloom ... how the industry is dying, how it’s not the same as it once was. Well, the business environment is not the same as it once was, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad news. For many PADI Members, business is up in all areas. Their success is our success and we’re all growing together. It’s exciting and rewarding to know that we’re taking the right steps to support our lifeblood as a membership organization, PADI Members. PADI remains committed to the continued development of innovative and progressive programs for member success, which helps the industry as a whole to grow.”

There’s no quick fix for increasing business. Growth and success are directly tied to effective strategies and winning programs such as PADI eLearning. Align your business with PADI - the acknowledged market leader in scuba training and education - and tap into proven strategies to grow your business. Contact the PADI International Resort and Retailer Associations today at 800 729 7234 (US and Canada) or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2260.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online

Update: 10.44am

ENVIRONMENTAL group Greenpeace has accused Pacific nations of continuing to treat tuna stocks as limitless and says the level of fishing in the region has to be cut back.

Greenpeace Oceans Team Leader Nilesh Goundar who is attending this year's Tuna Forum in Papua New Guinea, says the industry still considers Pacific ocean tuna stocks as a lucrative all-you-can-take region.

He says the level of catch must be set to a sustainable precautionary level and the Pacific region must resist the push to fish more.

He says over-fishing will lead to an unsustainable harvest with huge socio-economic and environmental costs as has happened elsewhere in the world, reports Radio Australia.

Greenpeace says it will push for 50 percent less fishing across Pacific tuna fisheries at the Tuna commission meeting in December.

Reduce overfishing, says Greenpeace - Fiji Times Online
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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Outside Online: Trips of a Lifetime: Fiji

Trips of a Lifetime: New Zealand, Fiji, Australia | Outside Online:


Exploring the Wild Side
(New Trip)
Witness fire walking in highland villages, raft the Class III Upper Navua through a rainforest dotted with waterfalls, and snorkel the coral gardens of the Mamanuca Islands on this 15-day romp through Fiji's remotest regions. You'll spend nights in beach lodges and tribal villages.

Outfitter: Asia Transpacific Journeys (800-642-2742,
When to Go: June and August
Price: $4,195
Difficulty: Moderate

Trips of a Lifetime: New Zealand, Fiji, Australia | Outside Online

Monday, 10 September 2007

Lightening Up for International Dive Trips

The Underwater Photographer - Lightening Up for International Dive Trips

"Hey, Lighten-up!


Getting penalized for overweight baggage is an all-too-often occurrence for most underwater photographers, but when the airlines lowered the baggage weight allowance to 50 pounds per bag for domestic flights things got even worse. Many of us resigned ourselves to the idea that we would pay dearly, expected the worst and hoped for the best. Now the international carriers have followed suit. This means even higher overweight fees and added expenses when traveling to those nice warm dive destinations. By the time you get all your dive gear, topside cameras and lenses and underwater camera gear packed, you've got little room for clothes, or anything else. Its time to lighten up!"

Lightening Up for International Dive Trips

Dive Light Basics - Before You Buy a Dive Light

Dive Light Basics - Before You Buy a Dive Light

Cool article and excellent pointers on buying a dive light. I almost wrote something almost identical, but searched first to find this on



Dive Light Basics - Before You Buy a Dive Light

Which dive light is the right one? Choosing a dive light isn't easy, and the dozens of products available make it even harder. Normally, dive lights are used for night diving but can be taken down during the day, too. When shopping for a light, seek the help of a seasoned professional at your dive center. Here are some things to consider.

Read the whole article at Dive Light Basics - Before You Buy a Dive Light

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Exciting Celebrity Diver Contest from

Don't miss this chance to participate in a unique promotion and awareness campaign.

What do supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, actresses Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock, Academy Award-winners Tom Hanks and James Cameron, Golden Globe winner Tom Cruise and Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart have in common? They’re all scuba divers, of course! Take a look at the new
Celebrity Diver trivia quiz at to test your knowledge about these and many other celebrities. Do you know which James Bond lead actor (Pierce Brosnon, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Timothy Dalton) is a scuba diver? Did you know that Grateful Dead Musician Jerry Garcia designed an important scuba diving accessory?

Interested in something else? offers a wide selection of contests, quizzes, and polls updated regularly on topics such as extreme diver pictures, trivia, and log book entries. Check out the full list of scuba diving contests to show off your knowledge about many different topics, learn something new, and get a chance to win some cash towards scuba gear at the same time. You don’t even have to be a scuba diver; there is something for everyone. Go to and click View All Contests at the bottom of the page to check it out.

Perhaps you are the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan and know exactly which schools participated in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, the exact names of the unforgivable curses, which spell can be used to unlock doors, and the color of the basilisk’s eyes. Or maybe you just love the movies. Either way, you will enjoy the extensive Harry Potter trivia quiz at Enter for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate.

For all you divers out there with cameras, submit your funniest pictures to the extreme diver contest showing your scuba spirit and wackiness in all sorts of places. Upload any and all of your pictures whether it’s under the water, in the snow, or even right after your first open water dive. For the enthusiastic photographers, you can submit your paramount pictures to the photo contest and get voted on from hundreds of other divers. You can even take one of the pictures and send it to your scuba buddy as an e-card.

Perhaps you had one of the craziest dives of your life this weekend and want to share it with the world. We have just the place for you: our online scuba log book. Anyone can share their own experiences, vote on their favorites, or just browse through the hundreds of stories submitted by other divers just like you. There are big fish stories in Florida, shark encounters in Costa Rica, and adrenaline filled stories of getting swept out to sea before being rescued.

In addition to the contests and quizzes, you can participate in our online diver polls. See what others think about such topics as the best dive location, best type of fins, and solo diving.

No one ever complains about winning free gear, so check out the contest page, upload some photos and play around. Who knows, maybe you could be a winner. There are winners every month. You could be next.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Fiji forums: where to stay for 3 different experiences in Fiji - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: where to stay for 3 different experiences in Fiji - TripAdvisor

"Another island I'd highly recommend for diving (and surfing) is Kadavu.

It's rugged, untamed, and the diving on the Great Astrolabe Reef is spectacular. For a great little eco resort, check out Matava. The food is fabulous for a resort of that caliber, the bures are authentic thatched bures, the owners are on site and manage as well and are a lot of fun - an American and two Brits.

They have no beach to speak of, but you can take kayaks and paddle to a lovely sandy beach.

Good luck, and let us all know what you decided!"

Fiji forums: where to stay for 3 different experiences in Fiji - TripAdvisor

Monday, 3 September 2007

SeaLife Introduces NEW Mini Wide Angle Lens

Impressive new accessory for popular SeaLife product to be available in dive stores shortly.

July 3, 2007 - SeaLife will begin shipping its new Mini Wide Angle lens (item SL973) this week. The Mini Wide Angle Lens is specially designed to fit the hot-selling line of mini series cameras - the ReefMaster Mini (SL320) and ECOshot (SL321)

Advanced photographers know how important it is to get close to your subject “The closer the better”, says Joe Wysocki, Owner of Optiquatics which runs underwater photography trips out of Malibu, California. “A wide angle lens allows you to fit the subject into the picture, while maintaining a close-up shooting distance”

The new Mini Wide Angle lens increases the camera’s viewing angle by 43%. It also allows close-up picture from 12” to infinity. This is a must-have lens for taking great underwater pictures with the SeaLife mini series of cameras.

The lens also completes the expandable system for the mini series of cameras. With a retail of only $79.95, the lens will make the ReefMaster and ECOshot the most affordable 6mp Dive camera system that can be expanded.

For under $600, consumers can get the ReefMaster Mini ProSet (SL325) and the Mini Wide Angle Lens (SL973) and have a fantastic underwater system which includes SeaLife’s Land & Sea Exposure modes with True Color correction in both Sea mode and Video for more vivid, realistic colors.

In anticipation of the arrival of the new lens, we are running a special promotion that allows the dealer to receive a FREE Mini Wide Angle Lens whenever they purchase two of the mini series of cameras.

For more information on the Mini Wide Angle Lens and the SeaLife 2 for 1 Promotion, contact your territory sales rep or SeaLife customer service @ 856 866-9191.

Mini Wide Angle Lens Specifications

· 0.45X conversion lens increases shooting angle by 43% (from 35º to 50º)

· Easily snaps on and off underwater

· Sharp focus from 12” (30cm) to infinity

· Fully-multi coated optical glass

· Waterproof to 200’ (60m)

· Includes neoprene lens covers, storage case and safety lanyard

· Super compact lens for SeaLife ReefMaster Mini (SL320) and ECOshot (SL321) digital cameras