Thursday, 17 June 2010

Underwater Festival : Fiji's First Official Fringe Event

Official Fringe  Events

Underwater Festival LogoMatava is the first Fiji Official Underwater Festival Fringe Event!

Underwater Photography Workshop with Underwater Festival regular Mathieu Meur at MATAVA - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort on Kadavu Island.

Underwater Festival | Official Fringe Events

Fiji Takes Lead in Shark Free Marina Initiative

/assets/156_sfmisigns001.jpgMarina's and resorts across Fiji are taking the lead in shark conservation. The International Shark-Free Marina Initiative works with marinas, boaters and fishermen to develop policy designed to protect a vital component of the oceans health, our sharks. Thanks to funding from Project AWARE Foundation and under the leadership of Stuart Gow from Matava- Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort, 13 marinas and fishing charters on Fiji's tropical islands have already signed their commitment.

The Shark Free Marinas program encourages shark conservation at sport fishing and resort marinas by prohibiting the landing of any shark at the participating facility. Fishermen are not allowed to bring caught sharks into the participating marina for any purpose.

Stuart Gow, Matava - Fiji said, "By asking vessels not to arrive at marinas with sharks we hope to encourage responsible sport fishing and ensure the future of healthy reefs and our islands. We look forward to signing up more marinas and charters in the coming months."

Joanne Marston, Asia Pacific Manager for Project AWARE added, "It's great to see so many marinas and fishing charters practice responsible fishing practices and pledge their commitment to shark conservation."

Project AWARE Foundation: In the Spotlight

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Pacific Sun flights priorotised to Kadavu and Taveuni - Fiji Times Online

Even better news for Taveuni and Kadavu local domestic flights:

"With the Mamanuca Group serviced through ferry service as well as boat and air charter operations, Pacific Sun will be able to prioritise its flying on other key tourism destinations including Kadavu, Savusavu and Taveuni," Mr Samson said. "Pacific Sun will focus its operations on more distant points that link thousands of international tourists each year."

Charter flights replace routes - Fiji Times Online

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Help Give Sharks a Fighting Chance

This World Ocean Day, 8th June, you can spend two minutes and join AWARE Divers worldwide demanding that sharks be given a fighting chance.

Sign the petition.

Why add your signature to help sharks on the brink?

Governments ignored scientific evidence and advice in favor of short-term economic interests at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), March 2010. They failed to give eight threatened shark species the trade protections they deserve.

Each year, tens of millions of sharks are killed by Earth’s most dangerous predators – humans. Too many of them fall victim to the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning – the act of removing shark fins and discarding the often still alive shark overboard.
Despite set-backs, thanks to advocates like you, sharks have received recent, historical national protections in Europe, Maldives and Palau. Together, we will make a difference for these critical species.
Sign the petition, express your outrage at the recent CITES failures. Your signature, together with thousands of divers and advocates worldwide, will demand government parties to CITES heed science and protect fragile ocean ecosystems.

Thanks to your support, together we’re giving sharks a fighting chance.

Jenny Miller Garmendia
Director Project AWARE Foundation

Friday, 4 June 2010

Astralabe Manta at Manta Reef