Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mad Fish Dive Centeron iDivein.com

If You are dreaming of diving in the kingdom of soft corals You should visit Fiji.

There are just a few places in the world as colorful as the underwater reefs of Fiji. During each dive, you can find any species of fish inhabiting the reefs.

One of the dive bases at Fiji Island is a 5 star PADI Mad Fish Dive Centre. The crew at Mad Fish are a dedicated team of professionals who look forward to guiding you through some of the best dive sites in the world.

They are dive the Great Astrolabe Reef extensively and cater for all levels of diver from beginner to experienced.” Diving is world class, Astrolabe reef, just ten minutes away. Both instructor and divemaster are very helpful and professional” –mention diver from Oslo. This Centre will take You to sites varying in depths, currents and visibility ranging from 20 – 50m where you can expect a kaleidoscope of colorful corals and wonderful marine life. You can find barracuda, manta rays and sharks. Nearby are the world famous dive sites such as Rainbow Reef and Great White Wall.

Rainbow Reef is an extensive area with more than 20 dive sites. The most famous of these is the “White Wall”. Swim through the 60ft tunnel at a depth of only 45ft, you exit on the wall at 90ft to be amazed by the almost luminescent white soft corals extending as far as the eye can see.

Great White Wall is the ideal site for a second dive as you can drift along the reef edge at only 45ft but still be enthralled by the abundance of life and colourful soft corals. “Renowned as one of Fiji’s top dive sites. Prepare to be awestruck by a steep wall that descends endlessly to the bottom, completely smothered in lush white soft coral. Off the deep edge of the wall you will find some pelagics. Often schools of batfish stop by to greet us while we drift along the wall. At the end of the dive is a deep swim-through cavern providing an exciting exit to an amazing dive. “-says Stuart Gow, Director of Matava Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort.

The Golden Chimney is a large coral structure completely covered in golden soft corals, which when blooming light up the entire area.

The Far Side

Dive into this dramatic drop off and drift down the slope into the lower regions of the wall where hammerhead sharks cruise through out of the depths while drifting into the mouth of the passage.

Mad Fish Dive Centeron iDivein.com