Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Kadavu Island forum: Snorkeling at Kadvu - TripAdvisor

Kadavu Island forum: Snorkeling at Kadvu - TripAdvisor

"I have been looking at reviews of various hotel/resorts on Kadavu. I have observed that most everyone mentions how great the diving is, but almost no one mentions snorkeling at all. I am drawing the conclusion that perhaps Kadavu is not a great destination for snorkeling as compared to other places in Fiji. Is this accurate or am I reading too much into this? If the latter, what resort would you recommend with lots of good/great snorkeling sites nearby and readily accesible?"

Matava- the astrolabe hideaway. Great place, great snorkelling ,great people. They will go out of their way to help you!"

Kadavu Island forum: Snorkeling at Kadvu - TripAdvisor

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Monday, 29 October 2007

Kadavu by Roger

Kadavu by Roger

"The island of Kadavu (Pronounced 'Kan-daw-vu' with accent on the second syllable) is something of a throwback to 'old Fiji'.

1. The mongoose was introduced by the British and has apparently eaten many of the birds on the other islands. Not on Kadavu.

2. The Cane Toad was introduced by the British and has multiplied out of control to the point of being a nuisance. Not on Kadavu.

3. During colonial times, the British found that the natives were not all that ambitious, so they imported workers from India. But not to Kadavu.

4. The Crown of Thorns starfish is killing some of the coral around Fiji. Kadavu is relatively unaffected. I didn't see any."

Kadavu by Roger

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Traveler Reviews - matava a priceless peice of paradise. - TripAdvisor

Kadavu Island: Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway - Traveler Reviews - matava a priceless peice of paradise. - TripAdvisor

"what can i say!

but perfect one day,better the next!

Matava was everything one could want in a holiday, the best diving I've done in fiji, world class fishing the best results one could ask for,and as for service and food well say no more,the beer was cold,the food off the planet 5star+and just the whole resort oozed good karma which as a guest you noticed,the staff had perpetual smiles and were always well presented, not to mention the management the guys were hands on with daily activities and always had time for questions on the best options for day trips,or any activity you wished 2 persue whilst here..."

Kadavu Island: Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway - Traveler Reviews - matava a priceless peice of paradise. - TripAdvisor

Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Digital Power Struggle

The Digital Power Struggle

This is an actual unretouched photo of the makeshift charging station being utilized over its capacity on a recent dive trip.
Whether you are shooting film or digital, you're probably very familiar with the need for POWER! With more and more shooters on every dive trip, even the best dive boats may fall short of space and plugs to fill the demand.

If you're just getting into digital photography, you might want to consider some of these details.

Always bring along your own power strip and/or extension cord and write your name on it.

If you are traveling internationally, check with the boat or resort ahead of time to see what power requirements are. Most battery chargers today are 110 and 220 compatible, but might need a special cord. In the worst case, you might need to carry a transformer with you, but they are very, very heavy and not much fun to lug around and will likely be unnecessary unless you are going someplace really remote.

Afraid someone's going to unplug you prematurely? Try using plastic ties to secure your plug so they are still in place when you need those fully charged batteries. You'll need to cut them off, but they are cheap and will keep others from unplugging you.

If you find that you need to carry many power cords for all these chargers, think about cutting down the cords so they are only 12" long. You can purchase new plugs at most hardware stores and they install in a snap. Make sure you pay attention to whether or not your plug is grounded or not and purchase the appropriate plug. This also cuts down on the space they take to pack.

Don't be a power hog. In most cases everyone ends up tapping into each other's power strips, but if everyone is courteous there will be plenty to go around for everyone.

Article from:
The Underwater Photographer (loads of other great tips here!)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

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    Tuesday, 2 October 2007

    Yasawa Island forum: Yasawa and Kadavu - TripAdvisor

    Yasawa Island forum: Yasawa and Kadavu - TripAdvisor

    prairieflower: "I also have about 3 or 4 nights to spend in Kadavu. I am thinking about flying there from Nadi or Suva. Any comments? Also, does anyone have something to say about the Matava - The Astrolabe Hideaway? I would like to snorkel the Astrolabe Reef and this resort sounds good.
    Did anyone see sharks?!
    Thanks for your input."

    charley48: "HANDS DOWN...MATAVA..too busy right this second to write about it, but we have traveled and we have stayed in paradise...and this was the BEST...enjoy...more later, if you are interested.

    i booked it from the states, Rosies Travel. She is the largest in Fiji and does a GREAT job. They have kiosks everywhere and the staff is trained. I did it over the internet.

    ps the divers saw sharks right below we snorkelers. they were delighted.."

    Yasawa Island forum: Yasawa and Kadavu - TripAdvisor