Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dive Caching @ Ocean Enterprises

A great Dive Caching game from our friends at Ocean Enterprises

Want to Win Some Awesome Prizes? Enter Our Dive Caching Contest!

So, What do the Winners Get?

Prizes Include:

  • $250 Shopping Spree at Ocean Enterprises
  • 1 10 Fill Nitrox Card
  • 3 10 Fill Air Cards
  • 4 DAN Mats
  • 5 Ocean Enterprises T-Shirts

How Do I Enter The Contest?

  1. Create a Geocaching Account at (It's free)
    • Click on Play from toolbar
    • Select "Hide and Seek a Cache"
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and where it says "Hidden by Username," type in "DivecacheOE" and click the GO button.
    • Click on a Cache and follow instructions to locate
  2. You've located a Dive Cache, now what?
    • Fill out a log
    • Note the "Secret Code"
    • Trinket trade, if so desired
  3. Log Cache on and post a new log.
  4. * Please DO NOT post the "Secret Code" in Comments)
    Note: Logging visit is required and will be verified
  5. Visit Ocean Enterprises in San Diego and ask for Kaylie to exchange your Code for a Game piece.
    • Create words with the Game Pieces, ranging from 3-7 letters.
      Letters can be repeated in words
    • Once you form a word, bring game pieces into Kaylie for verification. If your word is valid, you will receive a raffle ticket.
  6. Drawing to be held on Sunday, February 26th at Ocean Enterprises
  7. Note: You don't neet to be present to win.


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