Monday, 13 April 2009

The Manta Dance

The Manta Dance

So another breakfast we are served 'happy diver muffins' with eggs and 'maybe might see Manta toast'.

Myself and Sadie and Matt from Guam and Mark from Brisbane head out to Manta Reef for our morning dives. The 40 minute drive to this dive site is scattered with flying fish and a few yellow fin to keep us entertained. We drop down to 18m and move slowly across this flat topped coral bed that slowly undulates into two small but rather wide sea mounts.

This the Manta feeding site! So I begin the Manta dance, the calling of the mantas, the most hypnotically alluring dance, Yeah right! So it doesnt work, No Manta's in sight!

Soon the four of us are dancing, if you can call it that. Matt spots a swim through and signals that he's gonna take a look, him and Mark head down while myself and Sadie cruise over the top, a beautiful school of baracuda are waiting for us on the other side and as Matt fumbles with his camera to get a good shot, out of no where emerges our dancing partner - shiny, so graceful, black polished back with a gleaming white belly, slowly cruising, putting our dance to shame.

Our mouths are wide open just like the Mantas, except he is feeding and we are in awe of this beautiful creature. And soon another and another. It doesn't get much better then this!

Kate the Kiwi Diving Instructor at Mad Fish Dive Centre