Monday, 8 June 2009

Hawaii Eco-Tube | Coral Reef Alliance

Hawaii EcoTubeHawaii EcoTube was created by a group of Hawaii natural resource users who care about our environment and want to help ensure the sustainability of these resources for future generations.

In a desire to help facilitate positive practices, Hawaii EcoTube was created to showcase both positive and negative uses of Hawaii's natural resources in a public venue that everyone can access.

The site is your chance to contribute content related to issues that concern you. The intent is to raise awareness through objective documentation of various types of resource impacts by empowering the community.

By creating a platform for everyone to use, all parties have a chance to become informed, engage one another in a respectful manner, and learn from what is presented. Hawaii EcoTube is a platform where positive practices can be highlighted and serve as a model to others.

To Contribute

Email submissions to Submissions can be in the form of photos, a link to an online photo album, or a link to a YouTube video. For more information, check out Hawaii EcoTube.

Hawaii EcoTube was made possible in part by a community-based microgrant from the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL).

Hawaii Eco-Tube | Coral Reef Alliance