Friday, 17 July 2009

Drex and Me!

Drex is one of the drivers here at Matava.

Mostly he drives the dive boats. Drex doesn’t say too much but he is very good at making the teas and coffees at surface interval time (Much better then I am).

Like all our drivers Drex knows these reefs very well and is on the money at getting us to and from dive sites. I qualified Drex as an open water diver at the start of the year, boy was that fun – for both of us.

Sometimes when it rains Drex will wear his big yellow raincoat and pants, sometimes even a mask, I laugh but it is actually quite a practical outfit.

I always wonder what the driver does whilst waiting for the divers, Drex tells me he just spends his time looking for the bubbles. Good enough answer for me.