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Project AWARE FOUNDATION Global Dive Operators Receive International Environmental Honors



Global Dive Operators Receive International Environmental Honors

Project AWARE International Environmental Achievement Award Winners 2009.

Project AWARE Foundation honors dive operators around the world who display commitment and excellence in their efforts to protect underwater environments within business operations and their community.

The Environmental Achievement Award is about rewarding vision, excellence and pursuit of conservation. More importantly, this award ensures the enjoyment of underwater environments for future generations," said Henrik Nimb, Project AWARE Foundation Director, Asia Pacific.

The following Asia Pacific Environmental Achievement Award 2009 winners operate in an environmentally responsible manner and demonstrate an outstanding commitment to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action.

  1. B&J Diving Centre – ABC, Malaysia

  2. B&J Diving Centre – Salang, Malaysia

  3. Big Blue Diving Resort, Thailand

  4. Blue Season Bali, Indonesia

  5. Crystal Dive Resort, Thailand

  6. Deep Sea Divers Den, Australia

  7. Dive Tropex Tokoriki, Fiji

  8. Dive! Tutukaka, New Zealand

  9. Eco Scuba, Korea

  10. Gangga Divers, Indonesia

  11. Kon-Tiki Krabi, Thailand

  12. Malapascua Exotic Dive Resort,Philippines

  13. Matava, Fiji Islands

  14. NZ Sea Adventures, New Zealand

  15. Ocean Elements, Malaysia

  16. Plunge Diving, Australia

  17. Scuba Cat Diving, Thailand

  18. Sea Hounds, Singapore

  19. Sea World Dive Center, Philippines

  20. Subsurface Fiji, Fiji Islands

  21. Thresher Shark Divers, Philippines

  22. United Divers, Australia

The number of amazing initiatives and actions implemented by the Project AWARE Environmental Achievement Award Winners is inspiring. Congratulations! For information on planning your own environmental project or becoming more environmentally sustainable contact Project AWARE.

Project AWARE Foundation,
a registered nonprofit organization, works in direct partnership with divers and water enthusiasts to conserve underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. To get involved in environmental activities and make a lasting difference visit


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