Saturday, 7 April 2007

More from the ‘Shark Trust’

A campaign has been launched to stop ‘Alibaba’ a Chinese online marketplace, from selling shark fins and other shark products. The decline of shark numbers worldwide is well documented. The ‘Shark Trust’ has gained enormous respect in scientific and political circles buy taking a stance calling for a sustainable shark fishery. Find out more about them at .

The campaign to stop Alibaba is tackling the problem from the other end. There are more than 300 companies selling shark parts on Alibaba’s website – it is hoped that by making Alibaba aware of the vulnerable status of global shark populations they will agree to remove these companies from their site. Why should they listen? Alibaba is after a global market and already trades with over 200 countries and consumer opinion on its products may well affect its profits. As a result of a growing number of emails to the company, Alibaba has already agreed to look at the situation and talk with its suppliers. It is important that the pressure is maintained.

If you are at all concerned over the issues of shark finning, and the massive pressure on global shark populations through over fishing why not tell the company your concerns at