Thursday, 30 August 2007

Fiji forums: Diving - TripAdvisor

Fiji forums: Diving - TripAdvisor

"If you are looking for cheapish, with good diving, great food, and a fun place, check out Matava Eco Resort..

It's not upscale like Naviti or Treasure Island, it's definitely an 'eco resort' so you're not going to have electricity, TV, hairdryers (all solar powered) but the food is exceptional, the diving incredible, they have waterfall hikes, overnight kayak trips, kayaking, the whole bit.

AND until April they offer 40% off of their accommodations, 30% off from April - June.

With the added plus of having a 10 tank dive, but only paying for 6.

Not sure when you were going, but this is a great deal at a really fun resort.

Now, mind you, it's not specifically a honeymoon destination, but I've been there several times and have had lots and lots of people go there, and everyone loves it. A great atmosphere with great people and amazing food (you'll be blown away by what they feed you for a budget resort!).

They have private, ocean view bures as well"

Fiji forums: Diving - TripAdvisor