Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Continuous underwater video monitoring systems

Ocean Presence Technologies (OPT) offers a family of continuous underwater video monitoring systems that can be controlled over the Internet. Developed for manta ray research for The Manta Network, the camera systems are now being offered for a wide range of other applications.

OPT's Underwater IP Camera (UWIPCam®, OceanCam®, AquariCam®) is the first video camera system that can be controlled over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Four models are available: OPT-02 AquariCam, OPT-03 Shallow Ocean model rated to 60 feet, OPT-04 is a Deep Ocean model rated to 150 feet and coming soon, the Ultra-deep Ocean system (OPT-05/06) that will go to depths of 250-400 feet.

The underwater video camera system can be used in a wide range of situations. The applications for housed PTZ camera systems whether for marine and aquatic or terrestrial placement include:

Research -- Manta ray and other animal/plant applications (marine, freshwater, land)

Telepresence & Education -- live educational experiences delivered to computer screens anywhere on the planet including classrooms. Applications include: Aquariums, zoos, commercial exhibits, conservation oriented educational organizations and virtual entertainment.

Monitoring/surveillance/security applications (private, commercial or government) -- any company that operates in an underwater, high-humidity, low-light or corrosive environment. These include: water treatment, oil drilling, nuclear, corrosive material transporting, manufacturing and other security applications.

Promotion and advertising -- using real-time video to market and sell resorts, cruise ships or cause-related marketing organizations directly to prospective buyers.
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