Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Streaming Multimedia From The Sun!

I know this isn't diving, but the thought of it out here in Matava is just great! here's a review from attitude | Oct 20 2007.

solar powered chinese pmp

Here is an idea that I thought should have hit the market a long time back. I use a calculator whose battery is charged by the sun. There are solar cookers, heaters & what not. It seems ironic that more companies have not thought of making use of this source of energy in case of cell phones or PMP’s. Zhejiang Sorbo has stepped in to change all that with its solar powered PMP.

I understand that is a product has a surface area that is too small such a technology is hard to integrate. But with most of these devices their back panel seems to be a perfect place to put a solar panel. The Chinese company has employed just that technique for its new light powered SB-5007 PMP. It contains a solar panel at the back which charges the internal battery of the device using the energy of the sun. if you are thinking that the product is confined to only that one uniqueness then think again. It is a gadget loaded with features & acts as a mass storage device.

It looks cool, stylish & functions brilliantly. To top it all off, you need not plug in he charger every time. I love the idea & think it should be incorporated on all small gadgets. Running out of charge in your cell is annoying when you are outdoors. Especially for someone like me who always seems to forget to charge his cell before a holiday trip. With this, now you can just go out & get recharged.

Buy one here:
Detailed Selling Lead Description

1) Solar-energy MP4 media player and USB Mass Storage function.
2) 262K colors and high speed 2.0 inches TFT display which support high-definition JPEG pictures.
3) It supports electronic book reading function, you can listen to the music while reading the electronic book. It also has bookmark function.
4) FM radio function.
5) Digital recording,A-B repetition function.
6) Supporting many languages.
7) Interesting game function.
8) High-efficiency PV function, its charged by solar-energy through the solar panel, the power stored is used to charge the built-in 650mAh/3.7V chargeable lithium battery.

1) Energy saving. Conventional ray,candela and sunlight irradiate directly on the solar panel, the power can be converted and charge the inside chargeable lithium battery. Charging by solar power is the most efficient one, It makes use of the natural energy effectively.
2) The card extended function which support 128 M to 2G MINI SD card extended.
3) Powerful function and perfect compatibility which can support many different file formats. Inside built a chargeable lithium battery, so never need to change battery.
4) It can play for a long time with low power consumption ; it can download files in a short time and support USB2.0 high-speed PC connecting port.
5) Playing by built-in speaker in high quality which can let you share your music with your friends at any time.
6) 262K colors and high speed 2.0 inches TFT display which make it clear and fluid to see video documents and read electronic book.
7)Safe to use, novel ,fashion and exquisite; convenient to carry; long lifespan; high cost performance.

Size: 99*51.6*18 mm
Weight: 62.14 g