Monday, 10 March 2008

Reef A Photographic Journey

“We feel a deep sense of connection with the ocean and its reefs and with that connection comes responsibility. Although we have lost almost a quarter of the planet’s reefs, those we see in this book still thrive — we are capable of saving them.” Sylvia A. Earle, from the foreword to Reef

Following in the steps of DK’s highly acclaimed Rainforest , Reef is a vibrant full-color photographic celebration of the world’s “rainforests of the sea” that pictorially progresses through an ecological chain that goes from algae, sponges, and mollusks, to the thousands of fishes that make their homes there, while showcasing coral reefs as one of nature's most magnificent creations. This vivid collection of photographs with accompanying DVD from underwater photography collective Scubazoo, reveals reefs and the thousands of unique and valuable plants that inhabit them as they’ve never been seen before!

Sales of this book support the Coral Reef Alliance.