Sunday, 23 March 2008

SEA&SEA Announces New YS-17 Strobe and Digital Accessories

SEA&SEA Announces New YS-17 Strobe and Digital Accessories

Eagerly anticipated new strobe from Sea & Sea set to debut shortly.

, CA
March 17, 2008, – SEA&SEA announces the release of their newest strobe and compact digital camera accessories.

The YS-17 TTL slave strobe is an ideal strobe for most compact digital cameras available on the market today. SEA&SEA’s latest strobe offers a guide number of 14, beam angle of 70°x53° and a recycle time of 3 seconds. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and offers a 2-step light level control and TTL functionality – all in a compact design and a budget friendly MSRP of $349.00.

Accompanying the new YS-17 strobe are five new accessory products designed for use with Sony’s MPK-WD MarinePack underwater housings and other compact digital offerings.

These products include the Universal Grip Stay S (#22107, MSRP: $85.00), the YS-17 Universal Lighting Package (#70015, MSRP: $429.00), Sony MPK-WD Wide-Angle Conversion Lens .6x (#52117, MSRP: $345.00), Close-Up Lens (#52119, MSRP: $145.00), and Lens Adapter (#58118, MSRP: $70.00).

These products offer consumers a very affordable range of accessories and lighting options for their compact digital systems from SEA&SEA, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Sealife, Intova and more.

More detailed specifications on the YS-17 TTL Slave strobe and the Sony MPK-WD accessories can be viewed at:


Estimated availability in the US is May 2008.

ABOUT SEA&SEA: Founded in 1972, Sea&Sea is the leader in underwater imaging technology. The company offers a complete line of digital imaging products ranging from compact point and shoot cameras to professional housings, strobes, and accessories. SEA&SEA products are distributed in the United States by Tabata USA,