Saturday, 13 September 2008

Anyone been to Kadavu?



"Oh and by the way NZConny....Matava is the place to be if you want to dive the Astrolabe...they have numerous dive sites along the astrolabe..drift diving is popular as most of their dive sites are channels....and the dive team there are very flexible,you can arrange special dive trips with them.When I was there they can have like two dive trips a day and this one girl wanted to do a night dive coz they were leaving the next day and actually took her again thst night...I mean she was the lone diver. They had like 2 dive instructors and 2 dive masters when I was there(Dec. 2007)..whether it be 2 dive trips a day, or one day trip and one night dive or 2 day trips and one night dive...they have the manpower to accomodate your diving needs"

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