Thursday, 11 September 2008

Design Notes: "Clearly Superior" an opinion by Ikelite

Design Notes

"'Clearly Superior" an opinion by Ikelite

The handle assemblies make the housings appear larger, but provide comfort and greater stability when actually using underwater, especially with the addition of an optional external strobe or video light system. The base removes instantly by simply flipping a toggle. The base provides a stable platform when housing is not used, but it is not necessary and removal creates a smaller housing if preferred. The handles and bar are attached to the housing by two nuts for easy removal to pack.

Thick wall clear polycarbonate case provides a 'comfort factor' by allowing visual assurance the system is safe with its unobstructed view of the camera information and control functions. This material provides corrosion-free properties and a product that is less likely to the condensation and finish problems that can occur with aluminum."

Design Notes