Sunday, 7 September 2008

First Dives with the Sea & Sea DX100

First Dives with the Sea & Sea DX100

By Berkley White

Testing Grounds: The Digital Shootout - Bonaire

I had already boarded the plane to Bonaire and it wasn't in my case. Ron Pavelka, the new GM at Sea & Sea, was trying with all his might to get the first DX100 housing to me in time for my departure for the Digital Shootout, but the housing was still snuggly packed in a cargo plane somewhere above the Pacific. Sure I had plenty of gear to shoot, but I had my heart set on putting the DX100 through its paces in the crystal blue of Bonaire.

I knew it would have no problem with macro, but I really wanted to see how it performed in the digitally challenged areas of highlight detail and smooth bluewater backgrounds."

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