Monday, 23 February 2009

International Photo Competition

Matava is proud to be a sponsor of the International Photo Competition.
Underwater images is operated as an independent underwater photo and video competition. Underwater Images is an Ohio (USA) not-for-profit corporation. Proceeds from the competition are donated to Marine Conservation and Education causes.

Inner space is a relatively new frontier for mankind that will open new horizons in science and medicine, as well as art and recreation. The purpose of the Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition is to raise the awareness of the ecological importance of preserving marine habitats that represent Nature's oldest and most stable living ecosystems. This will create more conscientious diving practices and generate new interests in the realm of marine environmental science and education.

The Underwater Images Photo/Video Competition is a non-profit corporation with proceeds donated to benefit marine conservation and marine education programs. For more information see our contributions page.

If you have a charitable marine conservation or education organization, that would like to apply for a grant, please send information to Organizations must be an approved 501c3 charitable organization.

Underwater Images is operated by three Directors and a number of volunteers. The Directors for 2007-2008 are Roger Roth, Mark Beatty, and Carol Kender.

Roger Roth is the Competition Chairman and Founder. Roger is an avid underwater videographer, a member of the Gavia Scuba Club, and on the board of the OCSSDI. Roger also does underwater video production and has hosted underwater video seminars. Roger has won numerous photo competitions internationally before starting Underwater Images.

Mark Beatty is a Director and the Competition Webmaster. Mark is an amateur underwater still photographer and videographer and also moderates several email discussion groups on Underwater Photography and Underwater Video. Mark has been an officer in the Ohio Council of Skin & Scuba Divers as well as two dive clubs in Southwest Ohio.

Carol Kender is a Director and in charge of promotion and advertizing for the competition. Carol formerly owned a dive shop, and served on the board of Scubafest, and is still greatly involved in the diving industry.
Additional help is provided by many members of the Gavia Scuba Club members and the OCSSDI members and dive show staff.

Independent Judges are selected each year for judging. Our judges this year will be Stan Waterman, Bob Talbott, Georgienne Bradley and Jay Ireland.

Our Competition Sponsors also provide extensive assistance with prizes, promotion, and financial support.

2009 Competition
Notice - Underwater Images will not be presenting awards or presentations at Scubafest for 2009, but instead will be making all announcements and awards on this website.
Feedback and Discussion
If you would like to give or receive feedback on underwater photography, Please consider joining one of the web forums or email discussion groups in the COMMUNITY AREA.

International Photo Competition