Saturday, 1 August 2009

Matava - is meal plan necessary? - Fiji Forum - TripAdvisor

I had thought that we wouldn't eat that much...I am a caterer, don't eat 3 meals a day....and couldn't wait to see what was for each meal. Not only are they served impecably, by Maggie, but the food is outstanding. Matava is an organic garden...filled with bananas, mangos, just hanging around everywhere. Breakfast was lots of fresh fruit, breads daily, smoothies eggs and savory things. I love eggplant and they made that for ever meal for me. You can ask for anything and they will make it with a smile. Lunch and dinner were amazing. Dinner is by candle light, water is abundant there and they have a great assortment of wines. All kept for you, so you don't have to finish a bottle, with your name on it. My dream is to go back to Matava. We left all our clothes and shoes for the crew and they took them back to the villages. I brought crayons, and gave them to a happy group. We walked to the village, Maggie had some of the kids jump about 70 feet, no lie, doing flips ect. We were the ONLY people in the village, no tour. One day i walked in and we were given leis that the women made.

One day we got back and our bure was filled with flowers, Gardenias, hibiscus all over the floors and bed.

The last night, while sitting on the floor, the crew singing songs for us, they brought out a cake for my husband and I.

I have nothing but the highest praises for Matava and can't wait to go back, enjoy

Matava - is meal plan necessary? - Fiji Forum - TripAdvisor