Monday, 9 July 2007



" is dedicated to those people who have a passion for the life of the underwater world. As a long-time SCUBA diver and underwater photographer, I not only developed a keen interest in the world's oceans, ecology, and marine life, but also an appetite for timely news related to those topics. As I discovered, there was a lot of news out there, but nothing that tied it all together. With that, the idea of UnderwaterTimes was born in April 2002.

The Idea

UnderwaterTimes was conceived as a news portal that would focus exclusively on the underwater world. The news would be offered the old-fashioned way: delivered everyday, without bias, agendas, or heavy-handed politics, edited with an independent-minded, witty approach.

Building a news organization from scratch was a curious undertaking. Where might you start, you might ask? UnderwaterTimes started by scouring the world, literally searching through hundreds of online publications, to find timely, interesting, and intriguing news stories--all related to underwater world. With that, 'page one' was born--the first page ever published by UnderwaterTimes.

Technology has evolved along the way and so has UnderwaterTimes. But technology can never trump the ability of a human editor to choose just the right stories and write the best headlines--just one part of the success of Und"