Monday, 23 July 2007

Digital SLR Cameras Underwater

Digital SLR Cameras Underwater

By Berkley White, Backscatter

Film vs. Digital Overview

For background information on the advantages and disadvantages of shooting digital over film, please see our previous article . While digital might not be the solution for 100% of underwater shooters, my personal experience with underwater digital stills leads me to the following conclusion.

Digital is the best solution for all new shooters that are remotely comfortable with computers. The value of instant feedback is priceless. Experienced shooters that have a working knowledge and a high success ratio with film techniques will need to evaluate their options more closely. For myself, the new digital SLRís offer me the user interface and exposure control that I have been looking for and are only inhibited with their inability to capture extreme highlight detail at the same quality as film. Based on my experiences detailed below, digital, specifically the Nikon D100 is about to become my choice for 90% of my underwater work."

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