Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The MantaCam Passes Ocean Testing

We have just returned from a remote corner of Indonesia in the Coral Triangle. We were able to deploy our OceanCam on several occasions off the dive liveaboard Seven Seas. This was the first time that we evaluated the use of the OceanCam as part of a regular dive trip. It is common for the ship to move to a new location on a daily basis. The camera needed to be deployed and retrieved without affecting this schedule.

Our new Underwater IP Camera System which can be controlled over the Internet from anywhere in the world is now equipped with a wireless transmitter and 6-12 hour battery pack.This allowed the OceanCam to be deployed easily and quickly without long wires tethered to the ship. The system was placed on a rock in the coral reef and live video was recorded within minutes of deployment. When sea conditions worsened and the ship had to move to find a safe mooring, the camera was easily and quickly retrieved.

This was the first time that we were able to deploy a camera system on a tropical coral reef. Dr. Lida Pet, WWF, was intrigued by the footage collected. She was especially interested in the fish behavior that was very different from when divers are in the water. You can see samples of the video from Raja Ampat in Indonesia by visiting our web site at and selecting

Sample Video Library.

The underwater IP camera system has proved itself in open ocean evaluations and adds a new level of entertainment to dive liveaboard adventures. For more information on this new exciting technology, visit OPT's web site and view our new video brochure.
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