Thursday, 21 August 2008

Making the Jump: Going Digital Photo


Making the Jump: Going Digital Photo

By Brad Brown

Since the day I reviewed the first slides produced using my Nikonos V seven years ago I have asked myself 'Why are so many of my images rubbish?' I can't blame the camera. The Nikonos V is capable of producing magnificent images. I've concluded rather that the problem lies with my inability to use the camera to its fullest potential.

The learning curve is steep. I made my greatest jump up this curve during a week of diving in on the island of Sipadan. The resort photo pro processed E6 several times a day. I was able to apply what I learned reviewing my slides within hours of exposure. Consequently my rubbish heap shrank as my relative quantity of keepers grew. When the digital SLR became an option I saw the potential right away. The prospects of
1) instant image review
2) never running out of film
3) autofocus
made the switch from the Nikonos alluring.

I made the decision to buy a Canon 20D and a Subal C20 housing. Since my purchase I have been able to build upon my Nikonos experience while benefiting from those advantages a digital SLR affords. The principles are the same. Only the medium and the methods are different.

My rubbish heap is now a virtual trashcan on my Mac's desktop."

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