Monday, 25 August 2008


OceanNEnvironment only undertake projects that yield measurable goals and objectives.
Our positional statements are:

  • The single MOST important reason why coral reefs are dying is that there are too many people on this planet. We believe that if the focuses of our conservation efforts are directed to benefit the local people, like feeding them, or providing them with resources to benefit from the eco - tourism, the reef will save itself.
  • If long-term conservation is to take place - it is dependent on our capacity to persuade local people that they will be ‘better off’ protecting the natural system than degrading it, by creation of markets for goods and services in an environmentally manner.
  • If local people gain from sustainable use of the coral reef through tourism, they will protect this asset and may even invest future resources into it. Marine parks and reserves cannot survive without the support of the local people.
  • We believe that understanding, appreciation and love begets preservation and protection people can only protect and preserve what they love therefore it is important that they have affinity and connection to the environment. In this aspect OceanNEnvironment actively support marine research and educational programs with financial grants
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