Saturday, 18 October 2008

Diving in Kadavu

The Great Astrolabe Reef

Kadavu is one of the less visited islands of Fiji which is precisely the reason why you should go there. No big resorts and fast food outlets here. Instead you can get a taste for the real Fiji, where the quickest transport is by boat, where the resorts are in tune with nature and where the true Fijian culture and warmth shines through. Part of Kadavu's charm lies in its secluded bays which can see you kayaking and snorkelling seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
The Great Astrolabe Reef, which curls away into the deep blue distance from the shores of the island, is what scuba diving in Kadavu is all about. Pristine hard corals in massed stands of colour abound, around which play a tremendous variety of marine life.
Anemonefish in bulb-tentacle anemone - photo courtesy of Mike Greenfelder


Eagle Rock - One of The Great Astrolabe Reef's signature dives. Sunken boulders, pinnacles, narrow channels, sheer walls and a rugged, rocky sea floor combine to provide some of the most interesting topography you are likely to see. There is a great chance of seeing spotted eagle rays and there are other sights to watch out for such as large groupers and Napoleon wrasses, but it is the simply astonishing collection of hard corals here which makes this Kadavu diving site exceptional.

Diving in Kadavu