Thursday, 1 January 2009

Something in the water

A clear blue sky mirrored on the glassy ocean surface. What a beautiful place to learn to breath underwater. From Discover Scuba Dive courses to open water and rescue courses. Whatever type of scuba experience you are
looking for, you can find it here at Matava.

Just outside this remote resort you can have your first underwater experience and for those more experienced divers you can find yourself dropping down to 20m and drifiting along side the famous astrolabe reef or watching in awe as the huge mantarays twist and turn gracefully underwater orchecking out the huge array of nudibranchs that our dive masters have developed a keen eye for finding.

Whether you are a beginner or a Jacque Cousteau of the underwater world, there is something here for you.

Recently certified divers have found themselves mastering bouyancy within a few days of completing their course.

Elyse from Canada completed her rescue course during her stay here at matava and still found time to fit in a few
dives out on the reef.

Danielle and Tim from Australia finsihed their open water course in a few days and found themselves drifting along side beautiful soft coral mastering those all important bouyancy skills. Kurt also completed his Open water course and was swimming with the stingrays before the day was through.

Brian from Mongolia also took the challenge and came to understand the divers addiction to the underwater world. For those not ready to complete the full open water course or with limited time have enjoyed single discover scuba dives. Hugo and Julie from France, Anca from Mongolia and Fran from France all gave it a go.

The warm waters, friendly Staff and experienced dive crew will make your stay here in matava one to remember.
So if you havn't already taken the plunge, why not start here?

Come and check it out for yourself, there really is something in the water.

By Kate
Dive Instructor
Mad Fish Dive Centre @ Matava in Kadavu Fiji