Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Last night we went snorkelling

Last night we went snorkelling. Just in our backyard.

The tide was high and the breeze was warm. A dark canopy of sky with tiny holes in it shouted at us as we rippled through its reflection.

A family of Puffer fish, dozy and clumsy, rolling gently in the dark water, followed by a hermit crab fumbling with a sea urchin, its huge claws prying the spiky shell open.

We turned off our lights and watched the water ignite with golden white sparks.

Our fins touched the sea grass and it was just like when my mum used to take the hot clothes out of the dryer and throw them around in a dark room, the water sparked and we all laughed with a genuine joy.

Grown adults laughing like children into a dark night, dancing with the water and the light.

Kate the Kiwi Instructor