Sunday, 10 May 2009

What lies beneath?

Like a blue cover hiding Christmas presents, the ocean recedes and I wait in anticipation to see what it was hiding.

The dogs wait too. Rocks and coral soon start to jut awkwardly out of the blue blanket that is still being pulled ever so slowly away. We walk the clear sand path that winds from the resorts doorstep to the small Waya Island, which sits directly South of  Matava.

Sea grass appears first and our search begins, small crabs, banded sea snakes, snake eels and all kinds of interesting creatures have their 15 minutes of fame as we watch them go about their daily lives. Seconds turn into minutes and we loose our selves in a small crab constructing his home.

Minutes turn into hours and soon the ocean decides we’ve seen enough and starts to slowly take its creatures back until once again we are left with a glassy blue blanket at our doorstep.

Kate the Kiwi Instructor