Thursday, 14 May 2009

Virtual Training for Manta Research Assistants

The Manta Global Database has identified more than 150 locations where mantas have been sighted. Some of these locations are covered by manta affiliates others are rumors or reports by photographers. Each location needs a short description and map.

In order to create and submit the short location description, three actions must be taken.

First, within the assignment area, you need to collect what is known about the local manta population including who has knowledge, photos or video. Are there scientists or organizations working in this area? Are there manta affiliates including local dive shops, operators, resorts or resident photographers?

Second, the most important of the available local sources need to be contacted for assistance. And finally other materials to complete the description can be collected from the Internet such as a map.

In order to add a new location description, the research assistant first needs to register online. This can be done on the home page or by clicking [here].

Once registered, please send an email to for upload clearance and to be assigned one of more countries. Please indication how many countries that you are willing to take on and if you have any preferences. We will email your location assignments based on your request (if available). We will also send you any email contacts that might be in our database.
The work for any location or country is divided into the following tasks:

1) Background research
2) Local outreach
3) Map creation
4) Writing and proofing (spelling and grammar)
5) Posting description

The actual description will vary from location to location. Some areas will only be able to be identified on a map as tentative sightings. Other areas will have so much information that only one or two of the largest efforts will be summarized. If a much more comprehensive report is desired, please use Submit a Field Report (

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