Saturday, 2 February 2008

Matava’s latest PADI Open Water Divers

Congratulations to Matava’s latest PADI Open Water Divers. Part of the Long Island University Marine Biology group, here for 3 weeks, these girls had only just been snorkelling for the first time then one night at dinner decided they wanted to learn to dive. After only 2 days they had already established themselves as the loudest and most troublesome members of the 22 students, so I thought, “hmmm, this could be interesting.” It turned out to be one of the funniest PADI Open Water courses ever.

It was a bit slow at first, with both girls trying to convince themselves that they weren’t actually going to die. But confidence grew, skills were mastered and I was even reprimanded for a couple of incidents. Firstly I was stopped half way through a demonstration to be told that I was too close to the coral. Fair enough, I thought. Then I was told even if I am holding onto a BCD for safety, I am not to touch the boobies!! We laughed so much for 4 days straight, I’d like to thank both girls for making it so much fun.

And our Favourite quote from Camille, when a 4m manta was heading straight towards her –
“If I just stay still, maybe he won’t eat me!”
Brilliant. Thanks girls and massive congratulations.