Saturday, 2 February 2008

Thanks to Long Island University Marine Biologists

All the staff at Matava would like to say a massive thank you to the 19 students and 3 professors from Long Island University. It was an amazing 3 weeks and we miss you all.

Once Claude, Sazie, Camille and Bridget (well done all of you), had all passed their open water course, we had 17 divers and 5 snorkellers every day. It was hard work, but by far the funnest group we’ve had. The competition was hot between the 3 dive groups, but Team Speed just pipped “The Diggers” and “Te’s Babies” for the title. Coincidentally I was guiding “Team Speed!”

Cheers Jason, Nikki, Marijah, Sara and Amanda for all the laughs.

So after 3 weeks of sharks, turtles, mantas, beer pong (Team Taco sucks btw), thumper (Ray you are a legend),two up (sorry Amanda) and general hilarity, its back to the norm for us here.

We’re enjoying the rest, but it sure is quiet.

Thanks again and we really hope you come back.