Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ayoumi and Taki

Domo arigato to Ayoumi and Taki for being such fun on their recent trip to Matava.

Here on their honeymoon, the fearless couple decided to try out scuba diving with a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. It was a big enough challenge just to get the wetsuits on, after a bad case of sun burn from the previous day, along with Ayoumi’s 3 inch fingernails which had been specially done for the wedding. But after only 2 hrs we were suited up and ready to go.

Having only snorkelled for the first time ever on this trip, it was pretty brave of them to be scuba diving. After the initial panic’s were over, they were looking more comfortable and they were both clearing regulators and masks like professionals - so we headed down to 12m to check out the fish. Ayoumi didn’t let go of my hand for the entire dive and Taki looked like he was flying.

After we surfaced I asked them if they enjoyed it. I will remember their responses forever. Ayoumi just said, “I need to pee!” – But after a quick visit to the toilet, she told me she loved it. Taki’s answer might be the best I’ve ever heard.

“It was like being in a dream!”

Couldn’t put it better myself.