Saturday, 2 February 2008

Team Japan - Maro and Hiros

Last week we had 2 Japanese guys, Maro……… and Hiro ……. From …….., who were staying at Matava while making a 2 hr documentary on Fiji. So I took them diving, with their enormous cameras and lighting and we had a great time.

The first day we did 4 dives, the first 2 at Naiqoro Passage, where we saw grey reef and white tip sharks, giant groupers, turtles and huge schools of snapper. In the afternoon we headed to small point and had a nice chilled out time on the stunning hard coral, where the visibility was lovely. Then in the evening we headed to one of the beacons near Korolevu Passage and had a fantastic night dive.

The next day we went to Manta Reef and on the first dive got some great footage of a manta. Dive 2 was excellent. After just a few minutes, the same manta as the first dive turned up and came pretty close to the camera. As he cruised past and Maro was filming, I saw another one coming behind him. His face was hilarious when he turned round to see a 4m manta basically flying into his camera. A mixture of holy #*&! and pure excitement. We had a third manta join them towards the end and when air was getting low it was hard for me to persuade them to ascend. The footage was fantastic though.

So if you’re in Japan in February, watch some TV and you might see Matava become famous!

Domo arigato Team Japan.