Monday, 15 December 2008

Broadreach | Teen Scuba Summer Adventure Program in Fiji, Solomon Islands.

With world-class diving, beautiful islands, rich history and unique cultures, the South Pacific is a destination like no other. Dive on breathtaking reefs, pinnacles, walls and WWII wrecks, with guaranteed sightings of big rays, sharks, sea turtles and intensely colored corals. Above the waterline, the islands offer cool rainforest hikes, idyllic beaches and rare glimpses of cultures forgotten by time. Fijians are known to be the friendliest people in the world, and you'll quickly discover why. Learn to weave palm frond baskets, hike to waterfalls, challenge villagers to a soccer match and learn ceremonial dances at a Fijian celebration.

Fiji firsthand

The views as we arrive in Fiji give us a taste of what's to come — crystal clear water, brightly colored coral and lush mountain rainforests. Ready to dive Fiji's best? We start with Kadavu's Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth largest barrier reef in the world and home to a resident population of manta rays. Off the beaten path, the diving is pristine. The rich nutrients passing through the strait make this one of the best places in the world to observe astounding coral growth and plentiful marine life. If you can take your eyes off the brilliant soft corals, you'll find giant humphead Napoleon wrasse, banded sea snakes, majestic manta rays, black tip and white tip reef sharks and turtles. A closer look reveals the colorful nudibranchs and pipefish that hide out on the reef along with the lionfish and odd-looking crocodile fish.

Outrageous colors and lots of fish

After two or even three incredible dives a day, there is still time to play volleyball, enjoy the beach, check out the sea kayaks or just hang out with new friends. We also explore this tropical paradise. Take a guided eco-trek up to majestic waterfalls, walk along the rugged Kadavu shores and hike through dense jungle terrain with towering rubber trees. Visit a Fijian village where gracious locals treat us to a proper welcome with a "lovo", a traditional Fijian meal cooked completely underground. Share a bowl of "kava" with the village chief. Listen in awe as they share stories about the headhunting days.

Broadreach | Teen Scuba Summer Adventure Program in Fiji, Solomon Islands.