Thursday, 11 December 2008

Dive ME

If variety is the spice of life, then Fiji is diving’s red hot chilli pepper.

Trying to sum up the special appeal of these waters is like packing a bag for an epic journey through four seasons – or editing years of underwater video into just 30 minutes of tape! There is simply no way to fit everything in.

Of course, most people know Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world and that’s true! But soft corals are only a symbol of Fiji’s complete story: the soft corals vibrant colours and giant size, the diversity of fish and invertebrates that live among their branches, the dramatic changes they undergo in an ancient rhythm of survival with the tides and currents, and the many types of underwater environments in which they thrive. Yes, Fiji’s remarkable soft corals embody all the elements that make Fiji’s reefs so exceptional. Drama and diversity, brilliant lavish panoramas, deep water rich with food and hiding places for the mysterious and rare Fiji’s marine realm is as dynamic and splendid as nature can be.

With 333 islands surrounded by reefs and the entire spectrum of underwater terrain, from sharks, rays and 1000 species of fish to the vivid rainbow of soft corals, sea stars and myriad shrimp, one word does describe Fiji’s extremely diverse diving: colour.

Fiji is the colour of our wildest dreams. Come to Fiji to escape the crowded freeways and your work day demands. But there is no avoiding the bustling crowds of fish, jampacked coral reef communities or Fiji’s flair for living colour. Surrender to it and enjoy the view.

“The Fiji seascape is lush with colour in a way few other destinations can match. Even the sunlight and seawater can’t mute the volume of Fiji’s symphony of hues.”
Bill Harrigan: photographer/writer: Sport Diver magazine.

Dive ME