Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Kadavu Island forum: Matava Resort - TripAdvisor

"Went in November 2007 for a week and absolutely loved it.

Once you land it is an hour boat ride to the resort and the boat is very small but the view is spectacular - reminds you of what the first explorers would have seen - so untouched. Maggi welcomes you and takes you to your bure. Most of them do not have electricity but ours had a light in the main area and the bathroom but we never used them.

Anything that needs to plugged in can be done in the office. We dove every day and it was spectacular - my first experience with Manta Rays and there were seven swimming around us - awesome!

We took the meal package and enjoyed eating with everyone and the conversations that took place. Of course had the Kava experience and the Lovo - cooking on rocks.

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol and we brought a box of red wine which they kept for us and served it at dinner. As long as you can handle being without your blackberry and laptop this is the place for you.

We recommended to other friends who went this year in June and also thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the diving."

Kadavu Island forum: Matava Resort - TripAdvisor