Thursday, 25 December 2008

Kadavu recommendations for Honeymoon - ScubaBoard

DIVE SITES – Located on the Great Astrolabe Reef, they’re a 10- to 20-minute boat ride from lots of fascinating dive sites. If the sea is rough, as it was for the first 3 days of our visit, there’s plenty of great diving inside the reef with walls, slopes and plateaus extending well below 100 feet.

My only tropical diving so far has been Cozumel, Costa Rica and French Polynesia, but the coral here tops them all. I was blown away by the profusion of different colors and shapes. And it’s all vibrantly healthy.

There were lots of fish, though we saw only a few really big ones, like a giant grouper and a Napoleon wrasse. There were small white tip reef sharks and some sea turtles. Visibility was 60 feet inside the lagoon and 100+ outside.

Kadavu recommendations for Honeymoon - ScubaBoard