Monday, 2 March 2009

Around the Kava Bowl

So here we sit on the deck at the front of the resort. Smiling, laughing and telling stories to people we met just hours ago. Jone or Robbie will be mixing the Kava and the conversation will flow from the colour of the sky to a story about one of the guests hometowns and back again.

Mas, one of the Divemasters will grace us with his voice and guitar playing skills and believe it or not I have even seen our barman Joji get up and dance. The kava is pounded fresh and the boys continue to beat the roots of the plant into dust to continue mixing this muddy looking drink. Some guests try just one or two bowls and then decide to stick to the Fiji Bitter, while others rather enjoy the taste.

Although I'm told that Kadavu grows quality Kava, suprisingly thats not the reason I indulge in this drinking ceremony. The mere fact that we need nothing to entertain ourselves but each other is a wonderfully fading concept that indeed still exists around the kava bowl.

Kate, The Kiwi Dive Instructor