Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Diamond in The Rough

 Today whilst diving in Fiji with Eddie and Philipa from NZ (Yah some fellow Kiwis to keep me company). We dropped down to twenty and started our dive on the purple wall. Eddie and Philipa had never dived on a coral reef before so I just couldn't wait to get them down where the visibilty let you see further then a few meters (unlike the typical NZ diving they were used to (and I had forgotten).

It was on the second dive we saw the sea turtle which was a first for them and I never get bored of seeing this beautiful creature float past. But that wasn't what I was looking for, huge gropers, baracuda, angelfish, butterflyfish, unicorn fish,  but I still hadn't found what I wanted to show them.

It wasn't untill I'd almost given up hope of finding it and there he appeared - a diamond in the rough - I called him Henry, and he was beautiful. From the family Chromodorididae this little nudibranch as small as he was sure could give the rest of his underwater companions a run for their money!

Kate the Kiwi Diving Instructor at Mad Fish Dive Centre