Thursday, 5 March 2009

Finally I Can Be Part of the Conversation

So I've been here for just over three months now, the Staff here have become my family, brothers and sisters, Uncles and Aunties. What can I give them in return to show my appreciation? Of course, I can teach them how to dive.

Richard happily agrees to let some of the Staff enter our under water world and so the teaching begins. Much easier said then done. Kesa, who works in the kitchen, Joji who takes care of maintenance and works behind the bar and Vilikesa who drives the transfer boat are my first students.

The book work took the longest with late nights and early mornings trying to fit in with everyones schedule... It took 1 month, but we finished all the book work and finally it was time to get everyone in the water. Vilikesa was the first to complete the course and on our last dive he refused to surface and sat stubbornly on the sandy bottom arms and legs firmly crossed.

Joji completed the course next and his most used signal was patting his stomach as he eye balled the huge spanish mackerals that glided by. And young Kesa also finished and when I asked her why she wanted to do the course she explained 'Everyone talks about diving here, the Staff and the Guests, finally I can be part of the conversation.'  

Jone (Driver) and Joji and Kesa after completion of their final dive.