Friday, 20 March 2009

Kadavu Island Where Crowds Don’t Go

The Island of Kadavu offers the traveller a real taste of Fiji with it’s very few roads and plenty of rough terrain it makes it great way to experience the real natural beauty what the country as to offer. With the island having only a very few resorts ranging from backpacker accommodation to 5 star hotels, its main audience it attracts are travellers with a touch of adventure within their spirit.

With few roads on the islands as it is, just getting there is an adventure all on its own. So there is no surprise that the main reason people come here is because they want to get away from the crowd and the big name hot spots.

Reasons why travellers come to this island

1. It offers great surfing breaks in particular areas of the island. Nagigia Surf being one of them

2. You get to experience world class diving in one of the top destinations, known as the Astrolabe Reef.

3. Great island to explore eco-tourism, because of it’s excellent rainforest and bird life.

4. Great budget accommodation on both the Island of Kadavu and Ono.

Kadavu Island Where Crowds Don’t Go