Sunday, 22 March 2009

Take A Dive on Kadavu Island

Very few places on the Fiji islands offer you the opportunity to experience the real culture and feel of this great country the way the Kadavu Island does. So it's of know surprise that this remote island still as a lot of its natural beauty, valleys, hillsides and beautiful bays and reefs. Which in return as stopped a lot of the general tourists from coming to the island.

The Kadavu Island is a great destination for anyone looking for great diving locations that have not been overtaken with international resorts, but as still got all it's natural charm which is why you need to go and give this place a go.

With it being home to the amazing Astrolabe Reef on the southern end of the island and is estimated to being the 4th largest reef in the world with its colourful corals, reef sharks and schooling fish it makes it a great region to explore if you like the easy way of living, remote hideaways, undiscovered gems and hard corals.

Some of best diving sites around island are:

1. Yellow Wall

This is an all year round diving site and suits people of all levels. Here you will experience thick soft yellow coral, sweet lips, sergeant major fish and garden eels.

2. Eagle Rock

Being part of the Astrolabe Reef it as a lot to offer, but is recommended for divers of advanced level. It is also an all year round diving site.

Diving Season

This is an all year round water sport on the Kadavu Island. However the months of November to April will see the most rainfall, but is also the most tropical months when temperatures can reach as high as 32C. It is the most coolest months between July to October when the waters will be generally a bit more cooler.

Take A Dive on Kadavu Island