Monday, 23 March 2009

Finding Nemo Every Day

So I cried during the first scene of Finding Nemo, who didn't? But don't worry, Marlin, Nemo and their entire extended family are alive and well here in Kadavu. No dive can go by without these little clown fish making a profound statement of protection for their little homes of anemone.

Reasonably brave anemonefish that don't give in too easily to a diver invading their symbiotic relationship. Yesterday during our second dive, whilst staring at a pair of these quite interactive clownfish, one swam right into my mask, as if giving me a little warning nudge - well whatever he attempted to do, it was enough for me to back off.

I couldn't tell if this brave little fishes actions were indicative of the fact that he had't seen the movie or he was inspired by it?! Either way I'll continue my search for Dory.

Kate, The Kiwi Instructor
Mad Fish Dive Centre @ Matava