Monday, 16 March 2009

I Thought You Went Diving?

So we are heading out to a dive site, Jo is driving and myself, Jeanie and Richard are getting our gear ready.

All of a sudden a yellowfin leaps from the water in a dramatic slow motion arch, and I find myself watching in awe, then another and another. And within split seconds the small dive boat has spun around and Jo is frantically unwinding a handline at the rear of the boat while Richard is giving direction towards the silver jumpers.

And in all this time all I have managed to do is keep breathing. Adrenaline rush!

'Whats going on' I tell myself  'Im pretty sure I don't even like fishing!'. But it was to late to reason with myself, I was already standing on the seat in the middle of the boat screaming with excitement that Jo had hooked the Yellowfin Tuna... On a hand line!

So as the experienced fisherman play the game they know so well, I watch like a spectator at a game where I still havn't decided who I want to win.

All this time I keep saying to  myself 'I didn't even know fishing was fun!'

Soon the game ends and indeed Jo has one this round, with his fingers bleeding from the line and the fact there was no gaf on the dive boat (naturally) meant him and richard had to use there brute strength to pull the beautiful fish from the water... and we still have the dive to go!

Lucy, the resort cat, suprised to see the dive boat return with fish.

Kate the Kiwi Diving Instructor at Mad Fish Dive Centre