Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Scuba Diving Eagle Rock In Kadavu

Eagle Rock is one of the very best dive sites that the Great Astrolabe Reef as to offer any keen diver. With its amazing rock formations, hard corals and great selection of fish life.

Getting to the site can be a task on its own with surface swells telling you weather or not it is to strong to take on, so timing is the key, but once you get to the eagle rock site you will initially experience eagle rays past by and see very few hard corals that give in to the currents here.

Then once fully into the channel you will find yourself been given access to an underwater paradise, with so much in site you first won’t know where to look. As you will be passing over the rough rock bed with grey reef shark flying past you will start looking in amazement.

With the truly amazing colours of hard corals and great selection of life that it as on offer here, there is something for every diver. Whether it be the green lettuce corals, pale grey corals, lime corals or violet finger corals, this great diving site as something new for everything individual to discover.

This is a site that will keep the attention of any diver that can get bored quick because of its truly amazing variety on offer.

Diving Season

This is an all year round water sport on the Kadavu Island. However the months of November to April will see the most rainfall, but is also the most tropical months when temperatures can reach as high as 32C. It is the most coolest months between July to October when the waters will be generally a bit more cooler.

Scuba Diving Eagle Rock In Kadavu